Welcome, Seniors!!

Congratulations on making it to your last year of high school! I know you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I need more photos when I’ve already taken a lot of selfies and friends have snapped a number of photos of me?” Well, this isn’t just any year, it’s your senior year, the year you’ll look back to decades from now to show your spouse and kids what you looked like. Don’t you want those photos to be the best they can be of you? Let’s create some amazing images of you by using my camera expertise along with my extensive lighting skills so that you’ll want to share your images with everyone not just now, but many years to come!

I know what it feels like to have your senior photo taken. I was a shy high school senior and the school photographer didn’t help me feel comfortable because after all, he was used to acting like a robot to take a lot of students’ photos.

My mother came across a good photographer in town right after I graduated high school and decided that I should have a proper senior photo session done. I didn’t realize that photos could turn out much better with a different photographer in a different setting. The photographer gained my trust with his interaction with me and made me feel comfortable. The session lasted about an hour which allowed me time to loosen up and get more natural expressions and helped me get the best photos of me at that time in my life. That senior photo session inspired me to pass along that kind of experience to other seniors to capture the best photos of them at this important transition time in their lives.

Below is the print from that outdoor session that hung on the walls of our home for many years.

How many photos will I receive and will they be edited?

It all depends on which ones you decide on. I typically narrow down the selection to approximately 40-50 images for you to choose from the “Reveal” session. You can choose digital images, wall art, album, and more. All images you purchase will be fully edited to make them the best they can be.

Where does the photo session take place? Do you have any recommendations for a location?

The location is determined in the pre-consultation where we talk about your photo needs such as: are you a city person? Do you like the country more? Do you have specific photo needs like having your car in the photo with you? I do have a number of recommended locations that have worked the best for lighting and beautiful backdrops over the years but I’m also flexible in exploring areas you recommend.

How long will my photo session be?

This is determined at the pre-consultation where we discuss your photography needs and figure out how long that will take. For example, the more outfit changes you would like, the more time is required.

Can I bring friends with me to my session?

Of course you can bring your friends! They may even get in a photo or two with you.

I’m nervous and haven’t had my photos professionally done before. How will you help me?

I’m very personable and many clients of mine have told me after the session how they felt comfortable, trusted me, and had fun. Most seniors don’t know the best ways to look their best so I give some pointers on how to do that since I have lots of experience with this. It’s easier than you think.

What is your turn-around time?

It depends on my work load at the time but typically, I have the photos ready to review within two weeks after the session.


Session fee is $250 and includes one hour of photography. Ordering of products is separate.