Adventure photography sessions can be defined as stunning landscapes captured with couples and their unique personalities along with the dynamic and ever-changing conditions. They are for those who want something different than portraits in a city park. These sessions are for the off-the-beaten-path outdoor adventure seekers who long for scenery from the great outdoors in their photos and for those who consider “roughing it” in the outdoors an overnight stay at a lodge one weekend out of the year.

You can make your adventure as wild or tame as you want. I won’t judge if your SUV has never been over a dirt road and you want all your outdoors photos to be done within 10 minutes of a highway.

Adventure sessions range from 3 hours to 10 hours and within 150 miles of Seattle.

Let us know what you want in your adventure and we’ll give you a custom quote.

Man kissing woman on forehead at sunset on top of mountain
Couple looking at mt. rainier as they hold hands
Man rowing canoe standing up while his fiancee sits
Couple looking at each other in front of mountain cabin near mt. rainier
Couple holding hands walking on a trail at mt. rainier with mountains in the background
Couple walking on top of cliff with mountains in the background
Couple looking at camera in front of wildflowers at mt. rainier
Couple in silhouette holding hands looking at sunset from a shore
Black and white photo of couple kissing on top of a mountain
Couple facing camera with woman's arms around man and mountains in background
Couple looks at each other on top of Palouse Falls at sunset
Couple with their arms around each other facing each other with mountains in background
Couple walking down trail at mt. rainier with trees all around them
Couple on ferry deck holding and facing each other with puget sound in background
Couple sitting on top of mountain kissing each other
Woman puts arms around fiance in front of wild flowers at Mt. Rainier
Couple embraces one another next to wildflowers at Mt. Rainier
Man dipping his fiancee for a kiss in a mossy forest
Sun rays coming through forest with engaged couple embracing each other
Couple having picnic in forest on blanket and pouring champagne
Couple hugging sitting down in forest with stream
Couple with smiles looks at camera for their engagement photo in a forest
Couple kissing in field with lightning
Couple facing camera with woman's arms wrapped around fiance at Mt. Rainier
Couple embrace each other while sitting on a log at Mt. Rainier
Couple hugging each other in front of purple wildflowers at Mt. Rainier
Black and white photo of couple kissing while snowing at Suncadia