Adventure photography sessions can be defined as stunning landscapes captured with couples and their unique personalities along with the dynamic and ever-changing conditions. They are for those who want something different than portraits in a city park. These sessions are for the off-the-beaten-path outdoor adventure seekers who long for scenery from the great outdoors in their photos and for those who consider “roughing it” in the outdoors an overnight stay at a lodge one weekend out of the year.

You can make your adventure as wild or tame as you want. I won’t judge if your SUV has never been over a dirt road and you want all your outdoors photos to be done within 10 minutes of a highway.

Adventure sessions range from 3 hours to 10 hours and within 150 miles of Seattle.

Room with a photo of adventure session on canvas hanging on the wall.

Let us know what you want in your adventure and we’ll give you a custom quote.